Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Little Town

Simon and Garfunkel teamed up for one last hurrah in 1980, releasing the masterpiece “My Little Town.” I must admit, at the time (high school,) I thought it was overplayed and overrated.

Now that I’ve grown up, and own the double CD set of “Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits,” I can appreciate that song a whole lot more now, among the other songs, but “El Condor Pasa” still sucks—“I’d rather be a hanky than a snot/Yes I would…”

My Little Town

In my little town

I grew up believing

God keeps his eye on us all.

And he used to lean upon me

As I pledged allegiance

To the wall.

Coming home after school

Flying my bike past the gates

Of the factories…

My mom doing laundry

Hanging our shirts in the dirty breeze.

And after it rains

There’s a rainbow—

But all of the colors are black.

It’s not that the colors aren’t there

It’s just imagination they lack.

Everything’s the same back

In my little town.

Nothing but the dead and dying

Back in my little town.

Nothing but the dead and dying

Back in my little town.

In my little town

I never meant nothing

I was just my father’s son.

Saving my money,

Dreaming of glory,

Twitching like a finger

On the trigger of a gun.

Leaving nothing but the dead and dying

Back in my little town…

If the lyrics to that song were found in some troubled kid’s notebook now, all hell would break loose.

The kid would be suspended from school.

He’d have to go through counseling to find out what he had against his parents, the Pledge of Allegiance, factories (and by association, good God-fearing blue collar workers,) God, his finger twitching on the trigger of a gun, and why there was “nothing but the dead and dying back in my little town.”

20/20 would probably interview him.

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