Monday, December 05, 2005

Newbie alert

I’m a newbie at this blogging thing. I’ve been reading blogs since 2000, after the first stolen election, catching the most popular progressive blogs in their infancy and seeing which ones survived over the past five years.

I realize I’m in a saturated environment. I will have to compete with serious blogs, as well as teenage dilettantes who write about their cliques and who has the hottest butt in their high school.

I plan to include my sketches and editorial cartoons, media commentary, random musings, rants at no extra charge, and photos.

I will try to update daily. Forgive me if I don’t.

I hope that my friends, old and new, will bear with me in my journey into the blogosphere.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Unless you’re being a butthead. Then you can take your little troll self back to the red side of the Net where you belong.


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